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Fall 2016

Fridays October 7th - November 11th 2016

What is Co-op?
Simply stated, co-op is a group learning opportunity where families "cooperate" to teach different topics. Each family with students participating is required to have at least 1 parent participate in leadership through teaching or assisting in a class. These classes are a great supplement for academic instruction as well as a time to meet new friends. Class topics vary and depend solely on the creativity of the volunteers offering to teach. You don't have to be an expert!

Co-op requires a commitment for 6 weeks.
Please be sure you will be able to serve weekly BEFORE signing up. Each parent volunteer is responsible for securing a substitute for their position. Arrangements may be made at Registration. At least one parent MUST participate as a volunteer to teach or assist for the children to be able to participate in co-op classes. No exceptions.

The cost for co-op is $8 per family. Make checks out to Freedom Homeschoolers.

Fall 2016 Registration

Location: Eastern Heights Baptist Church
1342 17th St, Columbus, Georgia 31901
Date: September 30, 2016
Time: 10 am EST

Classes begin on Friday, October 7th and continue weekly until November 11th

***Changes in Registration!! Please read carefully***

Classes will be determined BEFORE the registration. If you plan to teach, please submit your class ideas via our NEW online form (link below)before September 23rd, 2016. To prevent a class from being missed, be sure to submit all requested information on the form. Do not post your class idea directly to Facebook.

Lead Teachers will qualify for an early registration at 9:15 am EST. This will allow teachers to be available during main registration to answer questions and take care of payments for individual classes. Adult helpers/Assistant Teachers will register for classes at 10 am EST immediately following orientation.


There will be a brief orientation meeting at 10 am EST.. Please plan to attend. Important information will be shared during this brief meeting.

Registration for classes is first come, first served. Please bring something quiet for your children to do while we are working through the class registrations.

Parent volunteers that haven't teamed up with a class before registration will be able to select a class from a list of available openings. All participating parents should be assigned to a class BEFORE they leave Registration.

Members Only

To participate in Co-op classes, your family must be a member of Freedom Homeschoolers. To join, please go to the Membership webpage. Annual dues for Freedom membership are $20 for the family. This is an optional activity but is only available to families that are members and not the general public.

Submit a Class

Click on the "Submit a Class" link above. Please complete the form before September 23rd if you plan to teach. We will compile all the ideas and divide the classes so that there are some for each age group at each hour. A complete class list will be posted here and on the Facebook group the week prior to registration.

Need an idea?

Check out the ideas on the left toolbar or consider offering a class about a topic you enjoy or that your family is already studying this year. Consider what ages you prefer to teach. Free copies are available for any teacher needing materials copied for class. Please submit items to be copied AT LEAST one week prior.

Where and When...

Class starts at 10 am SHARP! Remember that if classes BEGIN at 10, you will need to arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes earlier.

10:00 -11:00 am Track 1
11:00 - 11:15 am Break/Snack
11:15- 12:15 am Track 2
12:15-12:30 pm Everyone Helps Clean Up

Snacks will be provided during the break. Please notify Suzanne if your child has any food allergies.

Class Lists

Classes for fall will be listed on Monday, September 26, 2016

Track 1 classes 10:00 am to 11:00



Track 2 11:15am to 12:15pm


Any costs listed are per student and are to be paid directly to the class teacher. These costs are in addition to the $8 family fee for co-op participation.