Welcome to a kid free zone!

Need a break from the kids? Here is a spot for you. We will post pictures, blogs and other link of interest to moms. Stop by often and be sure to browse the new stuff. Be sure to take a moment to stop, breathe and maybe even enjoy a cup of coffee.

I hope you'll come to the Freedom Homeschoolers Not-Back-to-Homeschool Picnic. This event does involve the kids, but is also a great opportunity for local homeschool moms to connect with each other and find out about some fantastic activities coming up this school year. Join us at the Southside Park on Sandfort Rd. in Phenix City on Friday, August 5th from 10:00 am-2pm EDT.

Would you enjoy attending a Book Club or maybe a Discussion Group? I'd love to hear your ideas for other mom activities. Email me at sheepers@bellsouth.net or post your ideas on the Freedom Homeschoolers facebook page.


If you are currently writing a blog, please let us know. We'd like to post a link on this page to local homeschool mom blogs.

You're not in this homeschooling thing alone. There are others. Lots of others and we want to enjoy our time, not just survive it. Sometimes that means carving out a little time just for you!

Mom's Night Out

I'd like to get some great Mom's Nights Out planned for 2016-2017. If you have something specific you'd like to add to the Mom's Night Out calendar, please email Suzanne at sheepers@bellsouth.net or post something on facebook. I hope you'll join us for some much deserved time off.

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