Not Back-to-School Picnic

August 2020

We are sorry to announce that our Not Back-to-School Picnic for 2020 has been canceled due to state guidelines regarding groups of more than 50 people. We hope to be able to resume inperson meet ups as soon as state guidelines allow.

Why do we call it that? Well, it's because this is our opportunity to celebrate together that we ARE NOT sending our children off to school. We are choosing to educate them at home and support each other along the way. This picnic is when we find out all the details on this year's activities with Freedom Homeschoolers.

Usually our event includes the entire family and a time of fellowship, games and fun with lots of information about upcoming events for the new year.


August 2020

Be sure to fill out your new membership form available through the public Facebook group. The cost for membership this year is only $10 and includes the entire family for the 2020-2021 school year. Make checks payable to Freedom Homeschoolers or you can bring cash to Park Days and we'll give you a receipt. You may also print off the form from here and bring it with you ready to go! Membership Form